From January 20th to 23rd, the students did revision exercises in open classroom work. They had to work on various exercises (4 skills: speaking, writing, reading, listening) with a working plan provided by their English teachers.

Students` feedback:

  • “I liked the English lessons last week because we had the chance to sing and dance. “
  • “It was very cool to work with the children of the other English group. “
  • “I improved my pronunciation by listening to the exercises more often. “
  • “Acting out dialogues and the singing in the English lessons was great fun. “
  • “Pair work was great fun for me. “
  • “I liked it that we practised ‘all the stuff’ we needed to know for our 2nd test. “
  • “It was so cool to connect with my friends from the other English group. “




Musikmittelschule Eibiswald

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